Collection: LEG WARMERS

Stay warm and stylish with our high-quality and fashionable leg warmers. Our leg warmers will easily become your favorite accessory! Great for almost any look: boho, vintage, urban, hipster, classic, cozy, girly, chic and foxy. Made from soft Turkish wool blends, sensitive skin types can wear these leg warmers without worrying about itching!

Pink wool leg warmers are a popular accessory for ballet dancers. They provide warmth and help to keep the muscles of the legs and ankles warm and flexible during ballet practice and rehearsals. Leg warmers are typically worn over ballet tights or leggings and can be pulled up to cover the lower legs, ankles, and sometimes even part of the thighs.

The loafer's sleek and streamlined silhouette beautifully showcases the leg warmers when worn together. With their open-top design, the leg warmers can be easily seen and appreciated, adding a touch of warmth and flair to your outfit.