top tips for plus size thigh highs, providing helpful advice and guidance for choosing and wearing thigh high stockings for individuals with a plus size body.

Top Tips For Plus Size Thigh Highs!

So first of all, let’s be honest, thigh highs aren’t only for the skinny girls on IG! There’s more than one size lady out there and those of us in the plus size world deserve to pull off this sexy look.  With a few tips and the right thigh highs, you too can rock this sexy chic look!

A lot of plus size girls out there are scared to wear thigh highs because of a few common problems:
1 - Finding ones that fit.  There are a lot of different size and shape people but knowing your measurements is crucial to finding a plus size thigh high that works for you.  Two main measurements will determine how well a sock will fit; your mid-thigh circumference (the measurement AROUND your thigh halfway between your knee and your hip) and the length of your leg from your mid-thigh to your toe.  A good brand will tell you how large of a leg their sock will fit (circumference) and most of the time they are geared towards ladies of average height (5’6”).  So if your legs are close to the maximum advertised size or you are taller than average height the socks will not rise as far over the knee.  On the other hand, if you’re on the smaller size or shorter than average, the socks will come up farther.  It’s important to have reasonable expectations based on your size and realize that one size doesn’t fit all!
2 - They keep sliding down.  Just like normal socks, over the knee or thigh highs will always have a tendency to slip over time.  Good thigh highs have to balance elasticity percentage in their fabric so they stretch enough without squeezing too much (the dreaded muffin top..).  In a perfect world this would be a simple recipe, every person’s unique shape and body composition makes this impossible.  The solution? Accessorize! Garters or body fixatives (a type of glue) will make sure your new thigh highs stay put when you’re out and about.  A garter is a great way to accessorize as well, adding different color combinations or options to “step up” your style (get it). Don’t expect a new thigh to just magically stay when you put them on - it’d be the same as expecting pants to stay up with no waist.
3 - The “muffin top”.  Like in the previous point, this comes down to the material and elasticity.  It also comes down to how close your measurement is to the maximum size advertised by the manufacturer.  For example, if they say a sock fits a 35” thigh and you’re 34”, it’s not unreasonable to think you might have some “muffin-ing”.  So an easy tip is to try to have some margin in that size so you’re not pushing the limits of what fits.
If you take these things into account, knowing your measurements, having accessories ready, and have reasonable expectations you can absolutely find a plus size thigh high without a struggle.
Another thing to consider is quality.  While we all love to get deals, there is a certain amount of “you get what you pay for” with these types of products.  Quality is not only going to dictate the look of the sock, but also the COMFORT.  Seek out brands that advertise higher quality cotton blends, have more intricate weaves, and promote comfort as well as style.  Remember that a majority of your leg will be snugly held by these socks and cheap cotton can quickly become scratchy and uncomfortable.  Plus size thigh highs can be sexy AND cozy!
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