Collection: Kid's Advent Calendars


♥ 12 pairs of assorted kid's 3D print in our premium everyday cotton blend. They are well designed, feature awesome graphics, and are affordable. It's the perfect sock set for a kid's wardrobe. Surprise your daughter, granddaughter, and niece with our socks box! These socks are perfect gifts or stocking stuffers

♥ This listing is for the purchase of 12 pair of random 3D print socks.

SOCK MATERIAL AND CONSTRUCTION: 80% Turkish Cotton, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane.  Polyamide: The substance used to prevent the socks from wearing out in a short time. The weave is denser in the easily-worn tips and bottoms. This strengthens the nose and heel with reinforcement. Relaxing rubber technique is used. Silicone washed. Blended cotton makes these socks breathable, soft, and comfortable. Not too thick and not too thin, these high-quality socks provide a great fit for all-day comfort.

CUTE ANIMAL KIDS SOCKS WITH A 3D DESIGN: Take your kids wardrobe to the next level with our unique 3d animal designs! With a variety of different styles and colors, kids and grandchild can have a new look for every day. Making their feet fuzzy, silly, cute, funky, and fun, these animal print socks are sure to get everyone’s attention! They are well designed, feature awesome graphics, and are affordable. It's the perfect sock set for everyone - even children who don’t like wearing socks!

SOCKS MAKE A GREAT GIFT: Socks make a perfect gift for parties, birthdays, holidays, and anything in between! Cute socks are guaranteed to put a smile on their face and comfort on their feet. Our 3D sock sets are sure to be a hit! Our cute gift pack makes great options for a birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions. Imagine a Halloween costume matching their animal socks! Those animal patterned socks are hungry for feet!

ALL SEASONS: Our socks are suitable for spring, summer, fall, and winter.  The eclectic designs of our socks can be worn with jeans, school uniforms, or their favorite party outfit.  Our socks fit 1 to 11 years old  (1-3 / 3-5 / 5-7 / 7-9 / 9-11 year old) boys & girls. Multiple colors give great options for daily casual wear. They fit well, stay on, and don’t slide off easily!

OUR BRAND: Sockmate brings fashion, design, and quality to the foundation of everyone’s wardrobe – their socks! Based in Los Angeles CA and made in Istanbul, Turkey, Sockmate uses fine Turkish cotton and fabric blends to create quality products at a great price! Sockmate purveys the highest quality socks that elevate your style. Any fashion, any season, Sockmate has a pair for you! Our collections are all made with love by independent designers. We want our socks to make you happy!

Sockmate's 3D sock packs! The perfect set of socks for girls and boys. Super stretchy, comfy socks kids love!  Stylish, various colors and designs. Special 3D cartoon animals sewn on each sock!  Sets are from 12 pairs that we have curated for maximum cute! Made from fine Turkish cotton our socks combine quality and comfort for little feet everywhere! Featuring different animal designs, they make a perfect gift for a birthday, holiday, or any special occasion in between. With an assortment of styles and colors, you can match almost any outfit, any day of the week! 3D socks make the perfect cute accent to any kids wardrobe.  From leg eater socks (our best seller) to 3D animal prints, our vibrant colors and quality fabrics are sure to be comfortable and fun! Boys, girls, unisex sizes and styles are available.  At Sockmate, quality and comfort go hand in hand, and although we source the best materials, our warranty does not cover natural wear and tear or damage caused by the wearer.  Because 3D socks have special sewing and accents hand washing is recommended (but not required).  Otherwise, machine wash cold, do not bleach, and hang dry.  Make sure to check the size chart carefully! Select a larger size if your little one's feet are outpacing the rest of their body! Sizes: 1-3 years (shoe size 6-8), 3-5 years (shoe size 9-10), 5-7 years (shoe size 11-12), 7-9 years (shoe size 13, 2Y), 9-11 years (shoe size 3Y-6Y). At Sockmate, we aim to always have the socks you need.  From daily wear, dress, casual, and specialty collections we strive to bring the best in fashion, value, and quality. Mens, womens, kids, toddlers, and infant styles in wide array of colors, weaves, and prints.