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Women's Glitter Socks / Hearts - Lipsticks - Lips

Women's Glitter Socks / Hearts - Lipsticks - Lips

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Women's Glitter Socks with Hearts, Lipsticks, and Lips pattern are a fashionable and playful accessory designed to add a touch of charm and glam to any outfit. The socks are typically made of a comfortable and stretchy material, such as cotton or a blend of synthetic fabrics, to ensure a good fit and breathability.

The main feature of these socks is the eye-catching pattern that combines various feminine elements. The socks are adorned with glittery accents, giving them a sparkling and shimmering effect. 

  1. Hearts: The pattern includes hearts, which are a classic symbol of love and affection. These hearts may be scattered randomly across the socks or arranged in a specific pattern, such as a border at the top or a repeating design.

  2. Lipsticks: The socks feature images of lipsticks, representing makeup and beauty. These lipstick designs can vary in size and color, ranging from classic reds to pinks and other fun shades.

  3. Lips: In addition to lipsticks, the pattern may also include illustrations of lips. Lips are a symbol of sensuality and playfulness, adding a flirtatious touch to the overall design.

The combination of hearts, lipsticks, and lips creates a lively and cheerful pattern, perfect for adding a bit of excitement and personality to any outfit. These socks are popular among women who appreciate fashion, want to express their individuality, and enjoy embracing a fun and whimsical style. Whether worn with casual attire to add a pop of color or paired with dressier outfits for a touch of flair, these socks are sure to make a statement and draw attention.

♥ 60% Cotton, 26% Glitter, 12% Polyamide, 2% Elastane
♥ Toe and heel reinforcement, Silicon washed.
♥ US Women's Size: 6-10

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Care Instructions

♥ Machine wash Cold. To ensure longevity, hang dry, or lay flat to dry. If you insist on using a dryer, tumble dry on low. Do not iron! No bleach.

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